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SMB (Server Message Block) Share

SMB (Server Message Block), commonly referred to as Samba service, was formerly called CIFS (Common Internet File System). SMB protocol, called shares, allows the mounting of files/directors on the remote host to be shared to the local device on LAN (Local Area Network). Steps sudo apt install cifs-utils directory to mount the shared drive: sudo … Read More


DevCloud Interface Windows Install and use with Cygwin or install Cygwin and use with Visual Studio Code by following the instructions here. Use Cygwin to perform the Configure SSH Connection For the Automated Configuration: Place setup-devcloud-access-103857.txt to root location of Cygwin and run it from there (e.g. bash ./setup-devcloud-access-103857.txt) Source:


asda GET #HTMLCSSJS; HTML form templates


JSFiddle Create any *.js file with the below: Run the created *.js file in a command prompt using the command below: #HTMLCSSJS;


Setting Up Download VirtualTablet on your Galaxy Note 10. Download and install VirtualTablet Server for Windows  Turn on developer mode in phone (Settings > About phone > Software information > tap Build number 7x) Settings > Developer options > on USB debugging Connect data USB-C cable or bluetooth to PC Open VirtualTablet Server PC app (Refresh if … Read More

Logic Gates

Automata is akin to a robot, i.e. a self-operating mechanism. (no ref. source)


For Windows, first ready the environment for use by downloading and installing Strawberry Perl as Perl does not support Windows by default (can verify with this command using the command prompt: perl -v). To be able to use Perl with VS Code IDE, install the Perl (by Gerald Richter) from View > Extension. Save as … Read More


Open-source library based on Python released by Google Brain team to perform numerical computations using data flow graphs to building ML & DL models. Works efficiently with multi-dimensional arrays Provides scalability of computation across machines and large data sets Install either stable or preview release package: Stable release for CPU & GPU Preview build pip … Read More